This wikia is about the clan, Hunter Cadre. If you were looking for Tau related things, you won't find them here.

Welcome to the Hunter Cadre

"There's a gap in their armour, advance forwards! There's a gun in that gap, advance backwards!" - Our (daily changing) motto.

Hunter Cadre Wikia is a wikia unfortunatly, anyone can edit. Simply because we are a Halo Modding and Mapping community, and we wouldn't want just anyone messing up our plans! We will be posting our plans up on this Wikia, though, so you can try our tricks out. Just don't copy everything and claim it as your own, or I'll flay you alive with my mind. So please, please, please try to stick with the rules will you? And make me some toast while you're at it.


The rules are simple:

Don't screw up this Wikia.Edit

If you so much as spell colour without a U, we will officially hate you forever.

Don't take our tips/tutorials/anything like that and claim it as your own.Edit

We know who you are.

Two Random Facts of the DayEdit

  • 42 comes after infinity
  • These facts never change


Yes, I just deleted the Latest Activity thread. So what? There's always another one on the left hand side, and I can add another.

Here be the Anouncements! Yar! Basicly, these are things we shout at you to get your attention, and post news of competitions and crap.


Two Random Facts of the Day - HuntersEdit

[23/04/2010 - 1751 Hours]

Added the Two Random Facts of the Day portion of Main Page. If you can't find it, leave now.

Enhanced Toolbar - HuntersEdit

[16/04/2010 - 2008 Hours]

Added Contact Admin button/link thing.

Enhanced Sidebar - HuntersEdit

[16/04/2010 - 1904 Hours]

Put new crap on sidebar, like Journals and Halo 3 Forge Tips. Keeps acting up though, still working on that.

Theme Changed - HuntersEdit

[16/04/2010 - 1854 Hours]

Changed the Theme...whoopee. Big deal.

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